PAC Members 2018-2019

Cheryl Fields has a daughter attending Mission High School and two SFUSD graduates. She is very active at her daughter’s school and an advocate for her community. For the past 17 years, Cheryl has worked professionally supporting families whose children attend SFUSD schools. She lives in the Bayview.

 Dennis Lockett has a son at Flynn Park Elementary School and another enrolled at Kipp Academy. He helps families navigating the educational system and connects them with the resources available to support their educational experience. Dennis is an advocate for youth in foster care and children with special needs. He lives in Glen Park.

 Dynesha Coleman has a daughter at Tenderloin Community Elementary School and another who will begin preschool at Dr. William Cobb in the fall of 2019. She is active at the Bay Area Women and Children’s Center, which is located inside Tenderloin Community School. Dynesha is also enrolled in a vocational training program for Information Technology. She lives in Glen Park.

Johnny Knadler has two sons attending Alamo Elementary School. He is a strong advocate for children with special needs and has volunteered with the Hearing and Speech School in the past. Johnny lives in the Presidio.

Naomi Laguana has a son who attends McKinley Elementary School. She is very active at McKinley, including serving as secretary on the SSC and as past president on PTA. Naomi also volunteers with Lipstick Angels at UCSF and lives in the Sunnyside District.

Nicole Powell has a son at Thurgood Marshall High School. She is a member of  Marshall’s School Site Council (SSC) and works with parents from the ELAC to ensure their voices inform the decisions of the SSC. Nicole is also involved in the African American Parent Advisory Council and is an advocate for her community. She lives in the Bayview.

Patricia Serrano has a son in at Diane Feinstein Elementary School and a daughter at Lowell High School. She is an advocate for the Latino community, especially for those who do not speak English, and a supporter of children with special needs. Patricia speaks English and Spanish and lives in the Mission.

Rebecca Page has two daughters at Buena Vista Horace Mann K-8 and is an active volunteer with the BVHM PTA. She is also a member of the Potrero Neighborhood House karate school and the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition and lives in the Mission.

Sandie Stringfellow has a daughter who is enrolled in the Japanese Bilingual Bicultural Program at Clarendon Alternative Elementary School and a son in pre-school. She is an active volunteer at both schools and has worked in education for over 15 years. She lives in Midtown Terrace and speaks English, conversational Russian, and beginner Japanese and French.

Shurrin Zeng has a daughter at Guadalupe Elementary School. She serves on the Board of the District English Language Advisory Committee (DELAC) and on the PTA and School Site Council at Guadalupe. Shurrin speaks Cantonese, Mandarin and English and lives in the Crocker Amazon area.