PAC Community Reports

PAC Community Reports are generated through community conversations and additional research that highlight trends and feedback from parents and community members across the district.  The PAC makes special effort to ensure that the voices of historically underrepresented groups are represented in these conversations as well.  Below you will find links to some of our highlighted reports:

Our Children, Our Families PAC Report 2015: This report includes recommendations from families across the district who participated in conversations to assess their needs and what services are needed in order for their children to be successful.

LCAP 2015-2016, Connecting the Dots: Report of Findings and Considerations from Community Conversations about the SFUSD Local Control and Accountability Plan

LCAP Reports 2014-2015 & 2013-2014: Each year since 2014, the PAC, our community partners and district staff from the SFUSD LCAP Task Force organize and lead a series of conversations to share information about SFUSD’s existing LCAP, gather feedback and hear participants’ questions, suggestions and priorities to inform the development of the district’s revised LCAP.

Report on Racial Equity in SFUSD: This report includes information from community conversations throughout SFUSD on how parents and community members perceive issues of racial equity in the district and what measures should be taken to address these issues.

Report on Restorative Practices:  SFUSD in taking a new approach in addressing behavioral and academic issues that arise in schools across the district.  These conversations asked parent and community members to give feedback on these new practices.

Report on Middle School Feeder Patterns: This report looks at new efforts in student assignment to address parent and community concerns around equity and proximity in middle schools.